Do what you love most, and money will follow.

Most of us are trying to find ways where we can find a job that we can tolerate, and at the same time make a decent living. If I lived like that, i’d probably shoot myself in the head from going crazy. People tend to value the place where they can get the highest paying job, and hopefully go up the ranks to earn more. Confucious said, “Choose a job that you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” When I was a freshman in college, I would sometimes hear people getting mad that they didn’t get enough hours of work time from the manager, therefore receiving a smaller paycheck at the end of two weeks. My thought was, “They are always complaining about how they hate their job, and now they bitch and moan because they didn’t get enough hours?” I didn’t understand that concept, in fact to this day I don’t understand why people still have those same feelings.

 I used to work at Sav-on Drugs (now CVS Pharmacy) my freshman year for 8 months, the job was ok until I found that I really wasn’t getting paid well, and I learned nothing. I felt like a robot; straightening out the products and pushing them to the front, re-stocking shevles, and playing the role of cashier. It was only for side money, but I never complained because I didn’t work as much as the week before. You know what I did? I created my job. I was given free textbooks by students who couldn’t sell their books back to the bookstore because they carried the old edition. I knew that someone in the United States still needed these “outdated” textbooks, so I sold it on I made a little under $1000.00 each month. That may sounds like peanuts, but I only worked 5 hours a week. In fact, I received more than what I did working for $7/hr at Sav-on! Ok, I understand that people support themselves and they need those hours to pay bills and all that good stuff, but if they complain about how bad that job is, why don’t they move somewhere else where they are happy? In this example, I used my smarts. I worked smart, outsmarting those who feared being laid off. Outsmarting those who believed in searching for a high paying job as a priority. Outsmarting the working robots. I liked the Wendy’s Commercial(below) where people are kicking trees for no apparent reason, and one guy with Wendy’s red pigtails stops kicking his tree, and wants a hot juicy burger, knowing that he doesn’t need to each frozen patties if he doesn’t want to. He later speaks to those around him, influences them, and leads them into the world to get what he wants. I know I know it’s retarded, but think of the deeper meaning, and translate that into business.

If you can honestly do the things that you love, you know you are going to do them well with all your heart. You would never except anything less than perfect when it comes to what you love to do best. Let me give you an example I found: A woman named Carlotta Lennox from Texas walked her dog one day in the park. She observed how many other dogs were slowing down in pace as the sun blasted down on their backs. The dogs were obviously tired and hungry She decided to do something about it. One day in July, she created a company called Hey Buddy! that had vending machines stocked with tennis balls, water bottles, dog glasses, and other pet needs. Her sales are now expected to be at $100,000 this year.

Here’s a list of things you should write down before you decide to go out and do what you love:

  1. Write down a list of activities you love most.
  2. Write down your most prized strengths and assets, and your past and presents accomplishments.
  3. If money were not an issue, write down choices you would make for yourself regardless of whether you have talent or an opportunity to pursue them.
  4. Dare to dream where others don’t. The only boundaries you create are those in your mind.

When you do something, do it with all your might, do it with all your heart, do it with all your soul. If you continue to do what you love, and capitalize on ways it can make you wealthy, go for it. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Only you know what you enjoy doing most, so take advantage of those opportunities before it simply expires.

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