5% Physical, 95% Mental

It’s all in the mind. You need to know that from the start. Yes, there is the physical labor of typing, editing, driving, negotiating, calling, etc., but if you don’t do that stuff  because you give up, you are bringing failure upon yourself.

I recently took a jog with my 12-year old sister at the park. The distance around the whole park was about 3/4 mile long. We were over halfway done, and because the park is a bit hilly, she couldn’t see the end where we started our jog. “This is too much Oliver!” she yelled as she slowed down and gasped for air. I told her something that she still remembers up to this day. I explained how I was tired as well because I haven’t ran that much since high school. I told her, “There maybe pain, maybe there are even cramps along the way, but keep moving and don’t stop until we finish.” When we finally finished, she fell on the grass and took deep breaths. As she lay there I went up to her in an exhausted voice and said, “It doesn’t matter if you cramped up and limped to the end. Did you stop? No. Did you quit? No. Did you finish? Yes. You did, didn’t you? So what’s the problem? You wanting to stop is all in your mind. Your mind is telling you that your feet hurt, that you want to quit. But who cares if it hurts, you finished. If you quit you would’ve still been stuck out there.”

You need to know that even though the work may seem tedious and overwhelming in what you do, it was you who decided to quit, OR it was you who decided to keep on going. The choice was yours.

There was an exercise that I did for a particular meeting for the insurance company I worked for. There were 3 groups of 6 people, and the groups were told to go to their own separate room. I was in group #1. The representative came into our room and said, “Ok group #1, write down 75 ways you can use a paper clip, and the last group who did this exercise named 100 ways so lets see what you can do. Ready…GO!” We didn’t know when this lady was going to come back, so we all frantically wrote down different ways to use a paper clip.

From the corner of my eye, I saw her go into the room where group #2 was. I saw her talk to them but I had no clue what she said to them. Since we had to write a minimum of 75, we were naming silly ways to use a paper clip just to beat the previous team’s record. Our responses included a toothpick, a tool for piercing ears, a ring, and ear cleaner, and other things. After 5 minutes she said time was up.

As we walked back into the main room where all the groups were, we were nervous to tell her we only wrote down 49 ways. As she made us tell her our results, we had 49, group 2 had 40, and group 3 had 31. I was confused, and she explained the different variations in results. She explained to all the groups how we were told to write down 75 ways, and that the last group in group #1 got 100. She then told us that group #2 needed to write down 50 ways, and the last bunch in group #2 wrote down 75 ways. Group #3 was just simply told to list all the ways they could have though of using a paper clip and then to stop when she returned to the room.

Understand what I am trying to tell you. You, and only you, set the limits to your success. People by nature do not push hard if they aren’t pushed. Self motivation is a whole lot tougher than many people by your side cheering you on, but you’ve got to keep on going when the going gets tough. That defines a persons true character. Why do you think I posted my article on thinking big? If I were to say that I wanted to become a billionaire, many people would laugh and say, “Not in this lifetime, pal.”

Don’t let others influence you either. You need to practice some mental toughness if you want to be successful, because no one will approve of what you decide to put your mind to. It’s sad to see people be proved wrong, because the person who is proved otherwise will continue their close-minded way of thinking. They will probably think, “He got lucky” or “He was rich to begin with” or some other stupid remark. Nothing replaces hard work and discipline. Set the bar as high as you can, but attainable so that it can be reached in a reasonable amount of time. Once you get the gist of it, you can start setting higher standards for yourself.

“Aim for the moon. Even if you don’t reach it, you’ll land amongst the stars.”

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