PERFECT Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, right? I guess it does, but it’s more of perfect practice making perfect. If someone were to shoot a basketball 1 hour a day, every single day for 1 year, he probably would be a lot better than he was a year ago. Now, if someone shot a basketball for 1 hour a day, and someone was there telling him how to drive to the hoop, how to finger-roll, and how to align their shot, then that person would definitely improve 10 times more than the person without any formal instruction. That’s fine if you rely on books, audio, or video instruction to help you out, but think of someone actually being there by your side to point out your every flaw. Remember that when you practice, practice “Perfectly”, and your chances of success will go through the roof.

I truly believe that anyone in this world is capable of anything. I don’t care what others may think. There are many factors such as believing in yourself, motivation, etc., but let me touch on the art of practicing. I know I am not the best when it comes to golf. I currently have a 6 handicap which is better than most people, but I know that there are certainly others better than me. I know that if me or Tiger Woods never picked up a golf club in our lives, and decided to play a round of golf, he would win. He’s a lot stronger and more talented than me athletically. Now let’s say Tiger never picked up a golf club in his life and he decided to challenge me today. I would win because I have been playing golf since I was 12, I knew how to position my ball for the next shot, avoid a lake or bunker when I needed to, and align my putts. Also, I had a golf coach teach me everything that I knew, and I practiced 2 hours a day, 4 times a week. Now, Tiger is obviously a fierce competitor which is why he is ranked #1 in the world right now. Yet if he never had formal instruction, or if he never practiced golf perfectly for countless hours each day, he wouldnt’ve been the outstanding player that he is today.

Don’t believe that you cannot do something because you think you aren’t as talented in a certain thing like other people. At least attempt and try to be better at something. Try it for 2 short weeks. 2 weeks of practicing something you’ve never done before, whether it’s drawing, dancing, etc. If you really try your hardest and put forth effort with someone checking up on you every now and then, I guarantee that you will be better at that activity you chose to pursue than you were 2 weeks prior. Try it out for yourself.

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