Little Things add up to Big Things

There’s got to be something you buy everyday. I know food is a great example, but that is more of a necessity. Let’s take coffee each morning. Every morning Suan goes to Starbucks and orders a tall, non-fat gingerbread latte (I think that’s what it is). She pays $3.65 each morning. In this day and age, $3.65 is like 50 cents lying around. But think of $3.65 added up each day for 1 year. Let’s say she works Monday-Saturday each week, and she works for 40 weeks each year. If she buys coffee before work each day for a year, how much is that? $3.65 x 6 days a week x 40 weeks = 876.00/year! And after 10 years that’s $8,760.00! Have you ever thought of it that way? I’m pretty sure you have, but disregarded it because you pay in almost microscopic installments.

Let’s approach this at a different angle. What if I were to tell Suan that if she pays me $800.00 on January 1st, 2009, I will give her one cup of her non-fat gingerbread latte each morning before work? She would probably say “Hell No, Sir. Hell no.” Now why would she say that? I’m giving her a $76.00 discount aren’t I?

Don’t be an ignorant person. You can’t just view something from one point of view. If you only check if the front door is locked before you go to sleep, you might get robbed from the back. Does that make sense?

Not only does this cup of coffee add up, but it’s expensive! If you would never pay $876.00 a year for coffee, consider not buying a cup of coffee so frequently because that’s how much you’re really paying. Try and skip a day without coffee, or just make your own at home. I mentioned food in the very first sentence. If you buy a Super-Sized extra value meal from McDonald’s, order a medium or a small sized meal (and it won’t kill you as quickly, i guess). Brown-bagging-it is not such a bad idea either. Imagine if that $3.65 was the cost of lunch each day and not coffee. You save $876.00 each year by bringing food from home, and $3.65 isn’t even close to the true cost of dining out for lunch each day. Don’t disregard the few dollars that you take out of your wallet each time and just forget about it. It adds up big, REAL big.

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