Gain Confidence and Talk to That Crush of Yours!

I know you’ve had a secret crush on someone at one point in time. You just want to talk with them, laugh with them, and enjoy their company. I bet you’ve even pictured yourself and that person holding hands, going out on a date, and being able call them yours. Then after you came down from La La Land you actually go up to them, you choke up and mess up your first impression. Now your kicking yourself in the ass because you screwed up. You tell yourself that you should have written something down on paper and memorized it so you wouldnt’ve looked so dumb. Stop your wishful thinking. Get real.

I have a simple method for you to use so that you don’t act all retarded again when the time comes. Want to know what it is? I bet you dooooooo!…ok well enough pulling your foot. Here it is.

First off, you can’t just go up to someone and expect yourself to act all “Rico Suave” in front of them. You’ve never been put in that situation before. So what now? You must practice. You must prep for the “test” by doing some sort of practice. How? Talk to ugly friends.

An example of an Ugly Friend

Wait, did I just say ugly friends? Hell yea I did, now listen up. You only have one shot at making a great impression as the cool cat you always wanted to be portrayed as by that certain someone. So you must practice. Go up to Big Bertha and start talking to her. It’ll be easy because you’ll relax, be yourself, and may even get a few laughs. Practice until you know that you are truly ready. Don’t try and “think” that your ready because if you screw up (again), that’s your bad. Also, don’t talk to a person who might have a crush on you. Don’t be a butthole and lead someone on. That’s just messed up. Talk to someone, then the next day another person, then another, until you’ve got your communication skills down. After that, you should be ready. Simple as that. If it takes you weeks or months, then so be it. That could be your future life companion, so make sure you are good to go when that day comes.

If you are really that shallow, then fine, talk to someone who isn’t so bad looking, or anyone of the opposite sex that you don’t have something for. After reading this I think it would be good to read my article titled Perfect Practice Makes Perfect under Self-Improvement. With all this being said, good luck to you and may you catch that special someone real soon!

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