Know WHY You Are Saving!

This is probably why a large portion of people who attempt to “save” money fail time and again. They don’t see the purpose. They get distracted by the small material goods in the way of the bigger picture. I bet we could all listen to some inspiring audio CDs about saving money and get that temporary motivational high. What’s going to happen after it goes away? All those “wants” flood your mind and you are back to square one with bad habits. So how do we deal with this?

Simple. Know your purpose. Know why you continue to save. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Why do kids just spend on the ice cream man, movie tickets, or new shoes? And don’t even get me started with TEENAGERS! They think they own the world with mommy and daddy’s allowance money. I know that I am guilty of splurging here and there during my teenage years, but I quickly got on the right foot after I discovered WHY.

The REASON of doing things is so powerful sometimes. Imagine your parents telling you as a child to “save for the rainy days”. My question was always…WHY? Why do we need to save? What’s in it for me? Now we all heard the same things. We should save so we have enough money for college. We save because we need enough money when we are married. We save money so we have enough for retirement. Do you think a 10-year old really gives a damn about retirement? Show me a kid like that and i’ll treat you out to Lawry’s Prime Rib in LA. I recently went on a shopping spree a bought a Gucci wallet, Burberry shirt, and new golf clubs. I returned them all. Why? I forgot that I needed to save for business projects I promised myself I’d look into. Why? Because it would make me money. Why? Because i’d be helping people.

You (as well as the person you are trying to convince) must know purpose behind action. You know what you’re doing, and now you need to figure out a GOOD reason why. Whatever the reason may be, it must be very effective to the point where no material thing will get in your way. Once you have a true purpose, things get ten times easier. Save money, not for the weak excuse of “just saving”, but for some bigger and better thing that you won’t take your eyes off of. Once you figure out the Why’s, the obstacles will diminish.

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