It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

There are interesting statistics out there. It has been said that 99% of blogs do not make it big. 99%! Kind of discouraging if you are looking into blogging for income. It has also been said 9 out of 10 businesses fail the first time. With all these statistics, no wonder people flee to “security” by staying at their day job, or don’t even dream of starting their own business.

I could list a number of ways of why businesses and blogs fail, but I wanted to concentrate on this subject more because I believe this reason is most important. Why do too many blogs fail all the time? It’s because of what you are saying. If you create a niche blog that is way too specific, only X amount of people can relate to it. That’s true, but let’s look into this from a different approach.

No one is interested in you. No one cares. The typical person doesn’t wake up each morning at 7am, goes online, searches for a random blog, and reads about another person’s life. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! What do I care about your dog Spot in the southern part of Ireland? I’d rather search for a random piece of news in the world that doesn’t affect me. Unless that dog can speak 12 different languages, or if the website gives someone $5 each time they click on it, no one will care. You are just a regular civilian. You need to write about topics no one will find anywhere else. What topics should you write about? It should be balanced. Make sure that you not only create a blog that you love talking about, but also one that many people can relate to. I mean look at this article, you’re reading it aren’t YOU? Don’t the topics I cover relate to YOU? I’m helping YOU aren’t I? Don’t YOU like it? I do, and so do YOU. Win-Win situation.

Now let’s get down to business. A business shouldn’t be created solely because you like it and you think it’s going to work. It’s all about the customer. You are serving them, not the other way around. Income is the reward you receive when one is satisfied by how you have served them. No one is going to pay you so that you can travel to Cancun, Mexico (unless you bring them along). When picking a business, think broad. What does everyone need? What do people need each day? My dad created a home healthcare business in 1997 and a tax consulting firm in 2004. Why? He told me, “There’s two things people can’t escape in this life: Death and Taxes.” Sure it was a joke, but it’s true. Who doesn’t file taxes? And no one escapes this life alive. Concentrate on what people need most, and like blogging, love to do it.

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